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Add images to your Mass Email Campaigns, Responsive Forms, Automated Task Manager emails, and any other emails sent from DonorSnap. The Image Manager gives you a space to upload your images as a host for these DonorSnap tools. If you do not see the Image Manager page under the Maintenance menu, then you will need to contact your administrator to grant your user access to it.

NOTE: Your image file name should not contain any spaces. Rename your image before uploading it.

Adding images to emails and forms

  1. Upload your image to the Image Manager by going to Maintenance > Image Manager
  2. Copy the image address/URL to your clipboard
  3. Go to your email or form text editor
  4. In the text editor toolbar, use the Insert Image button
  5. Paste into the Image URL box
  6. (Optional) Set desired width/height* and click OK

*NOTE: Outlook does not follow width/height settings when displaying images in emails. It will display the full size image instead. Please resize your images before uploading them in order to display properly.


The Image Manager is for hosting images for use in DonorSnap emails and forms only. Images uploaded to the Image Manager may not be used as hosting for any other purpose. All images must comply with the terms of service.

Images must be less than 10MB each and be one of the following file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .tif.

PDF’s are not compatible and must be hosted elsewhere if needed.

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