How Internet Software Works

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How Internet Software Works

DonorSnap is known as a Software as a Service (SaaS) organization.  We host your data on our servers and maintain and manage the programs that interact and process your data. Generally, you are able to access DonorSnap from any computer that has a web browser and an internt connection.

The DonorSnap computer does all of the managing and processing of your data. Therefore, the age, power and type of computer that you are using generally does not affect the performance or capability to process your data. DonorSnap simply passes a “page” or “screen” of information to your computer and then, once you’ve either made your selections or modified your data, you pass that “Page” back to DonorSnap’s computer. We do all of the analyzing, error checking and processing using our high end server.

Although the computer you are using doesn’t much affect performance, the internet connection you employ will. 
Since we are passing screen shots back and forth, the faster your internet, the quicker your screen of data will be displayed. Generally, the best performance is seen with cable or DSL lines. Older dial up lines will work, but passing full screens of data may entail slower update times. (Hint: If you are sharing an internet connection with others, make sure that they are not streaming music, videos, etc… while you are working.  Streaming programs tend to monopolize your bandwidth and significantly slow down other internet traffic).

The Benefit of Using SaaS

The real benefit to using Internet based software is that you no longer need to worry about computer viruses, hardware crashes, data back up or corrupted data.
All of those functions are eliminated by having the processing and backup being done using DonorSnap’s secured computer.

In addition, you no longer need to load software updates. DonorSnap is continuously improving our software and adding new features. Generally, if they are small changes, we may introduce the new features on a weekly basis. Larger system changes or major enhancements are generally done several times per year. We will notify you of changes to the software using our email newsletter. Since changes are done continuously, you may find new reports or features prior to us announcing them in a newsletter.

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