How your Data is Backed Up

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DonorSnap maintains multiple backups of all the data in your database.

In addition to the live data that is maintained on our secure server, we make an encrypted backup of your database twice per day. This data is stored offsite with a professional, third party data storage organization. These organizations maintain several copies of your encrypted data on different servers in different geographic locations in the United States. Since the data is encrypted, it is of no value to any possible hacker even if they could bypass the industry’s most stringent data access standards that are employed by the Data Warehousing organizations. We generally use one of the publicly traded organizations to ensure financial liquidity and continuous development of their storage routines.

Should you need to access an early version of your database, email

We can reload your database to a particular point in time going back several months if you should need to go back that far. However, we will be reloading your entire database and changes that you had made subsequent to that back up will no longer be reflected in your data. If at anytime you should be concerned that the integrity of your data has been impaired by someone you had given access to your data, please contact us immediately.

For more information, please reference our Privacy Policy.

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