How DonorSnap Saves your Information

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DonorSnap is an Internet based program that uses your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to communicate between your computer and the main DonorSnap server where your data is stored and all processing is done.

When you select a menu item, the DonorSnap computer sends a “Page” of data to your screen for you to work with.  When you are done working on that page (with rare exceptions) you will need to click on the “Save” button to send the changes that you made to your data back to the main computer.  Until you click save, you database in the main computer will remain unchanged.  Although this may seem a bit cumbersome, it actually helps to protect your data.

Should your computer lose power, lose internet connection, be infected with a virus or suffer some form of corruption, the integrity of your database stored on DonorSnap’s computer will not be affected. Only valid data passed back to the DonorSnap computer is stored in your database.

Each DonorSnap input screen will have a save button clearly displayed.  At times it will simply say “Save” or at other times it may say “Save and Add Another”.

Remember to click SAVE before you navigate away from any DonorSnap page.

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