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Online donation forms can accept a form submission without processing an actual payment immediately by using the Bill Me option. This creates flexibility for the donor to mail in a check after submitting the form or pay on-site later on.

To enable this feature, go to the Form Builder tab of your form. Drag the “(Donation) Bill Me” field onto your form. The best place to put it is right above the payment fields so that the user can check that box before entering any card info. This will in turn hide the payment fields so they cannot enter a card number.

When a form is submitted with the “Bill Me” option selected, it is still treated exactly like a real donation record in DonorSnap. It will show up as an open record in your form, and it will create a donation record when you load it into your database. The “Bill Me” checkbox is not an editable field, and it will be checked for this donation record permanently.

How to handle Bill Me transactions

It’s important to note that you will need to develop your own internal process to handle these types of donation records. Two manual methods to track these donations could be as follows:

1) Change the Donation Type field (or Payment Method field) to Bill Me in the Open Records tab before loading the donation record into DonorSnap. This allows you to easily filter these transactions out of reports. When the actual donation comes in, either change the Donation Type or add a new donation record and delete the Bill Me record.

— or —

2) Load the donation into DonorSnap, manually add a pledge record, and delete the Bill Me donation record. When the new donation comes in, enter it as a new donation and apply it to the pledge.

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