Adding Images to Emails and Forms

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In order for an image to load in an email or on a web page, it needs to be uploaded to a place on the internet. In most cases, it’s easiest to upload that image to your organization’s website.

After you have uploaded your image to a place that allows image hosting (Google Drive, Facebook, and many others block image hosting), right click on the image and choose Copy Image Address. Then in DonorSnap, use the Insert Image button on the text editor toolbar and paste that image address in the “Image URL” field.

Uploading an Image to a WordPress Website and Insert it into an Email

Using DropBox to host images

By default, an image hosted through DropBox cannot be embedded in an online form or an email. However, with a small change to the image URL, it can work.

  1. Upload your image to your DropBox account
  2. Make the file public by creating a share link
    1. Click the Share button for the file
    2. Click “Create Link” at the bottom of the share window
    3. Click “Copy Link” to grab the link to the webpage that shows the image
  3. Paste the link into your web browser and go to that page. It should look like
  4. Change the beginning of the url in the address bar from to 
  5. In the text editor in DonorSnap, use the Insert Image button and paste the new URL in the Image URL field like this

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