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Learn how to automatically send emails to your contacts based on date fields. Examples: birthday emails, membership expiration reminders, lapsed donor emails, welcome email series after first donation, etc. Each day the system will check to see what emails need to be sent and send them.

Meeting Summary

The trainer led a discussion about the Automated Task Manager (ATM) feature in DonorSnap. She explained how to set up campaigns using ATM and mentioned that future sessions would focus on engaging new donors. The trainer also guided participants on how to access and activate the ATM feature if it wasn’t already enabled. She encouraged participants to explore and activate other relevant features, such as text messaging and email tracking.

Automated Email Campaigns in DonorSnap

The trainer discussed the implementation of automated email campaigns within DonorSnap. She demonstrated how to set up an automated email series for membership expiration reminders, which can be customized with the recipient’s name, membership type, and other relevant information. The trainer also showed how to create a campaign to prompt users to update their personal information, which can be scheduled to run annually. She emphasized that these automated campaigns can save time and effort, and can be tailored to suit various needs.

Automated Email Campaigns for Fundraising

The trainer discussed the implementation of automated email campaigns for fundraising and donor engagement. She suggested that a birthday fundraiser could be initiated by an automatic email sent 30 days prior to a donor’s birthday. She also recommended a “welcome series” for new donors, and automated emails to be sent to lapsed donors after 6 and 12 months without a contribution. These emails would be sent from your email address and would contain a link to the recurring donation form. She also indicated that the system could be customized to exclude certain contacts, such as those from businesses or foundations, and noted that the emails should not contain any holiday-specific content to ensure year-round relevance.

Customizing Emails

The trainer demonstrated how to create and customize emails, including how to insert images, create tables, and add links. She also explained how to use mail merge fields to personalize the email and resize and center images. Additionally, she showed how to upload images to the system and link them to specific webpages. The trainer clarified that users could include any desired content, such as a donate button and a Facebook link, in their emails.

Managing Emails and Tasks

The trainer explained her process for managing email communication and tasks using DonorSnap. She demonstrated how to save emails as notes, schedule future emails, and activate them at a later date. She emphasized the flexibility of the system, allowing for customization of individual tasks and the option to pause or activate the entire series. She also addressed questions about sending emails based on specific dates, explaining that the system can use existing date fields or custom fields added to the contact screen. However, she noted that the system cannot send emails based on a non-existent date field and stressed the need to maintain any added information.

Lastly, the trainer encouraged the team to share any innovative ideas they come up with through the DonorSnap Community group on Facebook.

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