Cleaning Up Your Database Training Webinar

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Every database needs annual cleaning to prevent duplicate mailings, improve your tracking abilities, and fix mistakes. Learn recommendations for auditing your database and processes, and tools for cleaning up.

If you are interested one of our DonorSnap data experts performing an audit and summary for you, here are the costs: 

$150 …  Tier One: Includes a personal call with one of our database experts to audit your data, processes, reports and communication tools. We will then send you a follow up email with a detailed summary of instructions on how to perform the clean-up. 

$250… Tier Two: All the above, and includes a follow-up training with a database expert to help address any additional questions. 

$350… Tier Three: All the above, and we will perform the clean-up for you with limitations*. 
*depending on the extent of cleanup required, there may be additional charges. We will discuss this with you in the initial audit.

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