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The Mass Email Campaigns tool includes several templates that can help get you started. You do not need to use these templates. You are also able to use third party email template programs, copy the exported html of those template builders, and then paste it into the html tab of the text editor.

GivingTuesday Templates in DonorSnap

DonorSnap has built GivingTuesday email templates in our mass email tool. You can customize these templates to align with your nonprofit’s GivingTuesday campaign message.

Before You Get Started

Table Sizing and Source Images

Our email templates are built with tables using HTML. It is important to size all of our source images to the exact Pixel width of the tables. Even if you adjust the size in DonorSnap, certain email service providers (such as outlook) may have issues displaying the HTML email properly.

Below find the following dimensions of the email template so you can size your source images accordingly:

Email Template Total Width: 550px
Your Logo: 400px
GivingTuesday Header Image: 500px

Accessing the Email Templates/Setting Up Campaigns

There are three GivingTuesday email templates living in DonorSnap’s mass email tool.

  1. Find the mass email tool under processing on DonorSnap’s side menu
  2. Click +Add New Mass Email Campaign
  3. From the Template Dropdown Choose which template you want to use
  1. Name your campaign
  2. Choose your DataMiner Platinum Batch (you should have already built this mailing list). More information on building DataMiner Platinum Lists here
  3. Click Insert
  4. With your new campaign highlighted click on the Create Email tab

Editing the Email Templates

  1. Choose the From E-Mail, From Name and Subject Line of Your Email Campaign
  1. To insert your logo delete the text that says “Insert logo here or delete box” and with your cursor still in the table click on the Insert Image icon in your top menu
  2. Paste the image URL to your logo in the Image URL field and set the width to 400 and leave Height blank
    • IMPORTANT: Make Sure Your Source Image is not larger than 400px (it is okay if it is smaller). Otherwise this could cause issues with the template in email programs such as Outlook.
    • To get your image url, find your logo on your website and right click and select “copy image url”
    • To see how big your logo is right click and choose “inspect” this should give you the HTML and you should be able to identify the size of the image
  1. Click okay and your logo should display at the top of the email
  2. If you don’t want to display your logo click on the table that says “Insert logo here or delete box”. You will see a small box with arrows in an X on the top left click that. Once you click the small box  you will see a small red x in the top left corner of the table. Click on that to delete the table.
  1. Edit the body text of the email to align with your campaign message
  2. If you want to link the social icons at the bottom of the screen to your accounts, highlight them one at a time and then click on the hyperlink manager icon in your top menu
  3. Paste in the URL to your social channels and click OK.
    • IMPORTANT: Make sure you click save in the top left of the create email tab, if you leave this tab you may lose your work.

Test, Test, Test!

  • Once your email is ready to go, make sure you test your email on a few different devices
  • To send a test click on the Review and Send tab (Make sure you have hit save!)
  • Click the preview email button
  • Enter the email address you want to send a test to in the “Send Test Message To:” Field
  • Click the send test email button

It is important to test out your email because it will not always look the same in someone’s inbox as it does in your preview. Most emails should display fine, but Outlook tends to have display issues. If you follow all of these steps closely your emails should display properly.

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