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Here is a brief description of the reports available in DonorSnap. Most reports can be customized, filtered,  saved and downloaded in a variety of forms.


Report Description

DataMiner Gold DMG is a query builder that exports contacts to Excel. It is limited in the fields it can query on and export.
DataMiner Platinum DMP is a query builder that exports records of all types to Excel. Build custom reports on all available fields within DonorSnap.
Contact Profile Contact Profiles will generate a one-page profile overview per contact. Choose to include contact information, giving history totals, and other activity history.
Donations Received (Detail) The Donations Received report shows the donations made within a time period. This is your go-to report of what payments have been made.
Donations Received Summary The Donations Received Summary report shows the donors and a summary of their total giving within a time period.
Contribution Statements Contribution Statements will print one statement per donor, with a listing of their itemized giving within a time period. This report is often called a tax statement or year-end statement.
Excel Giving/Non-Giving The Giving report exports all giving within a time period; the Non-Giving shows donors who have NOT given to the particular campaign or appeal selected by the filters.
Contact Type Donated The Contact Type Donated report shows a breakdown of all contact types (Individual, Business, Foundation, etc.) and the totals given by each type. Exporting this report will include the detailed records of all donations in the time period.
Pledge Activity – Giving The Pledge Giving report shows all one-time donations and pledge payments to particular campaigns or appeals.
Pledge Aging The Pledge Aging report shows all pledges and their current payment status. Outstanding pledges are listed in categories of 30, 60, and 90 days late.
Pledge Forecasting The Pledge Forecasting report shows the expected future payments for all pledges.
Tickler Items by Date The Tickler report shows all Ticker calendar reminders either completed or outstanding within a time period.
Alpha Contact List The Alpha Contact list shows all contact names, phone numbers, and email.
Alpha Mailing List The Alpha Mailing list shows all contact names, addresses, and label lines.
Comparative Donation by Donor The Comparative Donation by Donor report shows the total giving per contact in two time periods.
Comparative Donation by ContactType The Comparative Donation by Contact Type report shows the total giving by Contact Type (Individual, Business, etc.) in two time periods.
Fundraising by Appeal The Fundraising by Appeal report lists summary payment information categorized by appeal (Total donations, # of Donations, Average, Minimum, and Maximum)
Fundraising by Campaign The Fundraising by Campaign report lists summary payment information categorized by campaign. (Total donations, # of Donations, Average, Minimum, and Maximum)
Donations Strata The Donation Strata report breaks down giving history into giving levels (e.g. those that have given $5K or more, between $1K – $5K, etc.)
Periodic Comparison The Periodic Comparison is an export to Excel showing giving history over multiple time periods. It can be categorized by contact, campaign, appeal, etc.
Donor Retention The Donor Retention report compares two time periods and calculates the percentage of retained donors (# of donors who gave in both periods divided by the total number of donors in period 1).
LYBUNT The LYBUNT (Donors that gave Last Year but not This Year) report shows lapsed donors that have given in a previous time period but not since.  It also includes information about their last donation.
New Donors The New Donors report shows first-time donors within a time period and information about their first payment.
Interaction Detail by Type The Interaction report shows all interaction records sorted by type within a time period.
Volunteer by Event Code The Volunteer report shows all volunteer hours sorted by Event Code within a time period.
Notes The Notes report shows all notes within a time period.
Affiliated The Affiliated report shows all affiliated relationships (for example, who are listed as “parents” and subsequent “Child” relationships).
Master List The Master List shows all options underneath the black DonorSnap fields (for example, all options under Appeal and Campaign).
Duplicates The Duplicates report searches for potential duplicate contacts in your database. It will show all duplicates found and the ContactIPK (Record number) for further research or for use in the Contact Merge tool.
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