Splitting an Online Form Submission into Multiple Donations

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Each form submission in DonorSnap can only create one donation record. If you creating a pseudo-shopping cart experience with multiple types of purchases in DonorSnap, then you will need to make a decision. Do you want to track all of those items in one donation record or do you need them in separtate donation records. There is no “correct” answer here, it is a matter of what is best for your organization. If you aren’t sure, try to think about the reports that you will want later on. Do you need the information broken out or is having it in one lump sum fine?

How do I use a field more than one time in my form?

Each field can only be used one time in a form. If you want to have themultiple Accounting Codes for a purchase, then you need multiple donation records. Each submission only creates one donation record, so that is why you can only have the Accounting Code field on your form one time. The same is true for all other types of forms. If you need to track additional information, then you must create user defined fields to hold this information instead, even if it is just for temporary use.

How do I Split a Donation from a Responsive Form Submission?

The video below will walk you through an example of how to process an open record of your online donation form and split it into multiple donations in a donor’s record. This process is only necessary if you need to track/report on the different types of purchases as separate donation records.

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