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Can I use classes with the integration?
Yes, classes are compatible with both the QuickBooks Online integration and the QuickBooks Desktop integration by creating a user defined field called QBClass. The front end interface used to link the QBClass user defined field with the classes in QuickBooks is currently only used for the QuickBooks Online integration.

To use classes with the QuickBooks Desktop version, you must make sure that the options in the QBClass field exactly match one of your classes in QuickBooks.

Can I use sub-classes with the integration?
Yes, subclasses are compatible with both versions of the integration. For QuickBooks Desktop, the name must be in the format of Class:Subclass in order to match what exists in QuickBooks.

How do InKind donations work with the integration?
The integration is limited to being able to credit an income account and debit an asset account. If you need to use an expense account for the tracking of in kind donations, this is not something the integration supports. You would need to handle it manually outside of the integration.

Can I use summary totals for each accounting code instead of each transaction creating a separate journal entry?
The integration only allows the detail format, but DonorSnap has an accounting report that will give you subtotals for each accounting code. From there you can manually enter your subtotals as summary journal entries.
Learn more: Accounting Code Report


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