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In the Donor Detail integration method, each DonorSnap contact is manually linked with a QuickBooks customer account. When a donation is integrated with QuickBooks, it is assigned to the linked customer account and a sales receipt is generated.

Are contacts entered in to DonorSnap automatically added to QuickBooks?
No, all new contacts must be manually added to both DonorSnap and QuickBooks separately.

Are customers entered in to QuickBooks automatically added to DonorSnap?
No, all new contacts must be manually added to both DonorSnap and QuickBooks separately.

What happens when there isn’t an exact name match between DonorSnap and QuickBooks?
All contacts are linked manually so there does not need to be an exact match between DonorSnap and QuickBooks.

We already have transactions in DonorSnap and in Quickbooks. How is that handled?
Once a donation record in DonorSnap is integrated with QuickBooks, it cannot be integrated again. This is to prevent duplicate entries in QuickBooks. If you manually entered a record into DonorSnap and QuickBooks, then there is potential to create a duplicate entry in QuickBooks. You’ll need to continue with your current data entry method until they are in sync or until all records in QuickBooks are also in DonorSnap. From that point, you’ll only enter donations into DonorSnap and then use the integration to send donation records to QuickBooks. You’ll just need to be careful with your batch selection to use the correct DonationDates and other selection criteria to not select past transactions that have been manually entered into QuickBooks.

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