Modifying a Recurring Donation

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Recurring donations are managed both in DonorSnap and in the goEmerchant portal.

Cancel a Recurring Donation in DonorSnap

To end a recurring donation, go to the Recurring Listing tab of your form in DonorSnap. Find the line for that donation and click the Cancel button on the right side.

Edit a Recurring Donation Using the goEmerchant Portal

If you want to modify the donation amount or the end date in any way, you can do that through the goEmerchant portal. However, any modifications you make there will not be reflected in the Recurring Listing tab of DonorSnap, but this is just a cosmetic thing.

For example, if a donation is set to end on 12/31/2023 and you extend the end date in goEmerchant’s portal to be 12/31/2024, then when you look in the recurring listing tab on 1/1/2024, it will show as completed. The 2024 donations will still be brought in as open records in the Recurring Donations tab in 2024, and you can load those into DonorSnap without a problem, it’s just the Recurring Listing tab that won’t be entirely accurate anymore. The same is true if you change amounts or anything else using the portal.

In goEmerchant’s portal, go to the Transaction Center. Click the Recurring Billing menu at the top and search for the donation you wish to change. Click the magnifying glass on the left and then you’ll be able to adjust those details on that page. The one limitation is that you cannot update credit card numbers. You can update expiration dates, but for a new credit card number, the donor would need to submit your online form again with the new payment information.

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