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Step 1: Submit your application

Get started collecting online donations on DonorSnap’s Responsive Forms by creating an account with goEmerchant. Click the logo below or contact Kevin at 856-546-3810.

Step 2: Receive your goEmerchant account information

After you have opened an account with goEmerchant, you will be given your account information for the goEmerchant portal. You will receive a Transaction Center ID and a Gateway ID.

Step 3: Enter your account information into DonorSnap

(Note: The video uses the old DonorSnap interface. You’ll find the page to enter your account information under Maintenance > Site Setup > Integrations now.)

Go to Maintenance > Site Setup > Integrations. Click the Payment Processing tab and then click the goEmerchant sub-tab below it. Click the “Enter existing goEmerchant account information” button and paste your Transaction Center ID and Gateway ID into the two fields.

The goEmerchant portal will allow you to tighten your card processing security by validating several extra pieces of cardholder information. If you use goEmerchant to validate payment using zip code or address, you can use this screen to require those fields for all new forms added. If you do not check these boxes, zip or address will not be automatically included on your form. If you do not include zip or address on your form, but validate them on goEmerchant’s side, all payments through that form will fail.

Step 4: Create a new form

Go to Online Forms > Responsive Forms to create new donation forms.

goEmerchant support: Configure Fraud Screening

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