Getting Started 108: Mass Entry

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Save data entry time with the Mass Entry tool! Learn how to bulk enter donations, volunteer hours, and interactions.

Quick recap

During the webinar, the trainer introduced the mass entry tool in DonorSnap and demonstrated its use in streamlining data entry for organizations receiving multiple donations at once. She provided guidance on setting up donation entry forms and utilizing the tool for various activities like organizing donations, interactions, and volunteer hours. The trainer concluded the session by directing attendees to resources for further help, and also clarified questions about reports and the acknowledgement system.


Mass Entry Tool in DonorSnap

The trainer demonstrated the use of the mass entry tool in DonorSnap, a feature designed to streamline data entry for organizations receiving multiple checks at once. She explained how the tool can create customizable forms for different types of donations, such as grants and tickets, and emphasized its importance for data entry teams. The trainer also discussed the tool’s ability to simplify the process of adding new donations, volunteer hours, or interactions by creating specific data entry forms for particular purposes, such as a capital campaign. She mentioned that she would provide examples of when to use different types of mass entries in the future.

Payment Form Strategy and Customization

The trainer outlined her strategy for setting up a payment form, emphasizing the importance of user customizability and efficiency. She highlighted her decision to move certain fields, such as the reference number and the ‘accounting period’, to less prominent positions or even remove them entirely, as they weren’t relevant to her organization. She also explained the use of the ‘auto-copy’ feature, which transfers information such as payment method and batch code from one entry to the next, increasing speed and accuracy. Finally, she demonstrated how to use the form, stressing the importance of correctly identifying donations as ‘capital campaign’ and ensuring the appropriate fields are hidden or revealed as necessary.

Mass Entry Feature for Memorial Donations

The trainer explained the process of using the mass entry feature in their system. She emphasized that data remains in the system until the user clicks ‘post’, and it can be edited or deleted later. She also demonstrated how to create a new mass entry for memorial donations, including the necessary fields and suggested that this could be a beneficial tool for organizations frequently dealing with memorial donations, such as hospice organizations.

Mass Entry Tool and Database Usage

The trainer explained the use of the mass entry tool in their system for organizing donations, interactions, and volunteer hours. She emphasized that the tool is most beneficial when different mass entries are created for various activities, allowing for easy selection of the relevant one for each incoming mail item. However, the trainer clarified that the tool shouldn’t be used for adding a large number of people or email addresses, as it’s designed for adding specific types of data, not contacts. She also pointed out that the mass entry tool can’t be used to link donations to pledges, which is a two-step process that needs to be handled manually. The trainer encouraged those interested in learning more about the database to watch instructional videos.

DonorSnap Mass Entry and Templates

The trainer provided guidance on using the mass entry feature in DonorSnap, directing attendees to support for further help. She also clarified questions about reports and the acknowledgement system. The trainer explained the use of templates in DonorSnap for building forms and reports, and encouraged attendees to make use of the available resources, including videos and webinars.

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