Getting Started 103: Features

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Take a high level overview of the features included in DonorSnap. Learn about mass emails, online donations and registrations, mass data entry, reporting, and other features you may not be using yet.

Quick recap

The trainer conducted a webinar on DonorSnap, covering its features, benefits, and integrations with various tools. She demonstrated utilizing the platform, including database management, communication options, and customization capabilities, while addressing queries and reporting.


DonorSnap Subscription and Customization Guide

The trainer explained the benefits of sending a database to the NCOA through the post office for updating addresses, which is included in the DonorSnap subscription, and emphasized that this process can be done once a year free of charge. She guided on how to access the help site for detailed information and support. The trainer also discussed the option to customize the appearance of DonorSnap by changing the color theme, which is a user preference and does not affect the program’s functionality.

Database Changes and Mass Entry Tool

The trainer discussed changes to how the database is viewed, specifically focusing on the ‘community > contacts’ section. She suggested an alternative to using tabs, proposing instead to use the ‘contact profile’ to view all the information about a single contact on a single page. However, she noted that this would mean losing the ability to run quick searches with sorting and filtering, which are only possible in the ‘community > contacts’ section. The trainer also briefly touched on a feature called ‘mass entry’, which she identified as a streamlined way to enter similar donations into the database, like a stack of checks after an event.

Adding Contacts and Donations

The trainer demonstrated how to enter contacts and donation donations. She highlighted its ability to accommodate various payment types, including those received outside of the online donation system, through a mass entry tool. She clarified that this method is particularly useful for organizations with a high volume of checks, but not for adding large numbers of new contacts.

Database Management System Integrations and Tools

The trainer explained the functionalities and integrations of their database management system. She highlighted the use of the Excel Import tool for adding new data, the QuickBooks integration, and other tools like online payment processing, Constant Contact, Twilio for text messaging, and the DonorSearch wealth management program. She also mentioned that DonorSnap serves as the central database for all incoming data before it is distributed. The trainer further noted the availability of instructional videos for the Excel Import tool and online guides for various integrations.

DonorSnap Communication Features Discussed

The trainer discussed the various communication features of DonorSnap, emphasizing its integration with Twilio for texting, the ability to create and send emails directly from the platform, and the potential for label generation. She also covered the management of email and text lists, including the system’s opt-out and unsubscribe features. Furthermore, she introduced the concept of the automated task manager for pre-set emails, and stressed that all these features are included in DonorSnap, eliminating the need for a separate, more sophisticated email system.

Customizing Software Interface Features

The trainer explained the various features and their customization options in a software interface. She emphasized that features such as ATM and texting, and the image manager, might not be visible if not activated by an administrator. She encouraged users to activate desired features and remove those they wouldn’t use to customize their menus. The trainer also highlighted that it’s possible to revert these changes later as users become more familiar with the system.

Underutilized DonorSnap Features Discussed

The trainer highlighted two underutilized features of DonorSnap. She explained the duplicate button, which allows users to create a new donation entry based on an existing one, thereby saving time and effort when dealing with recurring donors. The other feature is the quick receipt, which enables users to generate a thank-you letter for a specific payment. The trainer encouraged both new and long-term DonorSnap users to take advantage of these features for more efficient processing of donor payments.

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