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Nonprofit organizations are a common target of credit card scammers for testing stolen credit card numbers. If your organization is targeted, this can rack up additional charges from the credit card companies, and you may be on the hook for it. The Responsive Forms have multiple security features to protect your organization.

Fraud Fighter is enabled by default for all payment forms. This setting will protect you by inactivating any form that has too many submissions or declined credit cards. The form will automatically shut off, and you will be notified by email at the organization’s default email address (Maintenance > Site Information).

Do not disable Fraud Fighter except for use during an event where you expect a high volume of submissions to take place at the same time. To disable Fraud Fighter for a form, go to the Settings tab of that form and uncheck the Fraud Fighter checkbox. After the event is over, re-enable this setting to protect your organization.

Additional fraud protections

It is also essential that you enable basic fraud screening in goEmerchant’s system. All organizations need zip code verification enabled. For more information on how to do that, please refer to goEmerchant’s Configure Fraud Screening help page.

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