DataMiner Gold (DMG) vs DataMiner Platinum (DMP) Video

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What’s the difference between DataMiner Gold and DataMiner Platinum?

In general, DataMiner Platinum will be the tool that you will most often use.

Both DonorSnap tools will help you quickly and easily select data from your database for further review.  The primary difference between the products is in their ability to do queries.  DataMiner Gold’s query methodology is to let you add Contact records to or remove records from your results based upon information in the Contact record or other activity tables.  Each individual query step is viewed by itself and the results of that step either add more records to your final results or subtract them.  You are primarily working with the Contact record and deciding which contacts to include in your results.

DataMiner Platinum allows you to export data from the activity tables in either a detailed or summary format.  So in addition to exporting Contact information you can export out detailed donation information, interactions, etc.  DataMiner Platinum also allows for a more comprehensive query test that has multiple steps.  For example, you can include a specific record if it the donation date is between a certain range for one type of Appeals but a different range for a second type of appeal.  The user has much greater control over the details of what to select.

Although DataMiner Platinum is designed to handle more complicated queries, it is just as quick and easy to create a very simple query in it as it is in DataMiner Gold.

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