Data Clean Up Packages

Is your DonorSnap database in need of a cleanup? Regular database maintenance will save your organization time, money, and give you the most value from your CRM. If you are in need of a cleanup but not sure where to start, DonorSnap offers the following database cleanup services to our users:

Basic Package (Audit and Summary): $150

Includes a personal call with one of our database experts to audit your data, processes, reports and communication tools. In this one hour Zoom call we will cover your database structure (fields and screens), research your Contacts, look at your processes for communication, and simplify your reports.

We will then send you a follow up email summarizing the findings of the audit, our recommendations for efficiency and clean-up, and detailed instructions, including videos if needed, on how you can perform cleanup on your own (merging, deleting, inactivating, using the excel import tool, etc.). 

Intermediate Package (Audit, Summary, and Follow-Up Call): $250

Includes everything in the Basic package as well as a follow-up call with a database expert to help address any additional questions. You could use this follow up call during or after you have finished your cleanup.

Full-Service Package (Audit & Cleaning of Database by DonorSnap): $350+

DonorSnap will audit your database and perform the cleanup work for you (up to two hours). If extensive cleanup beyond two hours is required, there will be additional charges, and we will provide you with a quote before doing the work. Merging duplicate contacts is not included in the cleanup, because we do not know your contacts and would have to make too many guesses. However, we will provide you with a report of potential duplicates for you to review and merge on your own. All of this will be discussed with you in the initial audit.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to get started, please email our support team at We will help get your audit scheduled and answer any questions you may have ahead of time. You do not need to choose a final package immediately, but you can decide during your audit which cleanup package you would like to purchase.