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Organization Contacts are special members of your organization, typically the Solicitor, assigned to specific members of your database.

An Organization Contact could be some of the following:

  • Board Members
  • Executive Director
  • Development Director
  • Key Benefactors
  • Staff members who raise their own funds individually

Once an Organization Contact is assigned to a Contact in the database, now you can run reports for that OrgContact: Give their list of Assigned Contacts (perhaps a phone list!) or a report of Donations received from their contacts.
This connection also has an email-function. When a person in your database makes a donation, an email is sent to the assigned Organization Contact, so they can provide a personal acknowledgment for that donation.

In order to assign an Organization Contact to Contact, add names to the table under Community > Organization Contact.  Once in the table above, their names will appear under the OrganizationContact field drop-down on the Contact tab of the database.

Organization Contact Email Set Up

Customize the Organization Contact email: Maintenance > Site Setup > Email Settings and OrgContact  tab.

Send Organization Contact Emails

Add the Dashboard App to show OrgContact Emails Pending

Click the “Go to Process” link, or manually Processing > Organization Contact Email

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