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Looking for Lapsed Donors? This is it! LYBUNT means those donors that gave “Last Year But Unfortunately Not This year.”

While this report begins as a “Last Year but Not This Year” report, you can customize it many different ways.

Use an earlier date-range to find those that haven’t given in the past 3 years. This would be a SYBUNT or “Some Year But Unfortunately Not This year.”

If you want to look only at lapsed members who have not renewed their memberships, use the filters to select just your membership donations. This will ignore all non-membership donations and show you all the people that have paid for a membership in the date range you specified, but never since then.

The Report viewer will export to PDF, showing name and some contact information (email and phone number if you have it in the database), how many years they donated in the past, total donations given, last donation amount and what it was for.

Export to Excel will also include the contact’s address and other contact tab fields. Additional donation information such as number of years donated and consecutive years donated can be found in the columns furthest to the right.

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