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The Email Tracking page will show you a complete history of emails sent from your DonorSnap site. You can also see detailed statistics of which emails were opened, bounced, clicked, etc.

Explanation of the different event columns:

Processed:  The number of emails attempted to be sent. If you have any BCC addresses, they will be included in this and all other columns.
Delivered:  The number of emails that were successfully delivered to the recipients mail provider
Open:  The number of times the email was opened. If a person opened and closed the email 10 times, then you would see 10, not 1.
Deferred:  There was a delay in sending the email for some reason. It could be that the mailbox was temporarily unavailable, full, or a system processing error. The email will be tried again and will ultimately resolve in a Delivered or Bounce.
Bounce:  The email was returned because it was either a bad email account, bad domain, or some other reason that it was not delivered. Generally there is a typo in the email address somewhere or it is no longer in use. You should correct it or remove it from your records.
Dropped:  The email address was already attempted at some other time and bounced as a bad email address, so it was not attempted to be sent to the recipient.
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