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Affiliate Program

Who it’s for:

Our affiliate program is for anyone who works with or has an audience of nonprofits. This is a great option for nonprofit consultants, podcasters, and influencers located in the United States or Canada.

How it works:

To get started, fill out the form below. You will gain access to your affiliate portal where you will find your affiliate links. When a new user signs up with your link you will see it in the dashboard. If they become a paid customer after our 30-day free trial we will award you $200. 

From the affiliate portal you will find our logos in the asset folder. You can also find links to training videos so you can learn more about our DonorSnap. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why DonorSnap?


DonorSnap is one of the most affordable nonprofit CRMs on the market. We keep our costs low through a small marketing budget, which is why word of mouth is such an important element of our growth strategy. Our pricing structure is straightforward with no hidden fees. Every level gets every feature. Pricing starts at just $39 a month. See our pricing options here. 


We wanted to create a database that was flexible while also being accessible for those who do not know how to code. DonorSnap is the best option for nonprofits who want customization without the headache. We offer fantastic onboarding and data migration services. From there we offer personalized one-on-one trainings, as well as weekly free webinars. Nonprofits can use our system as-is, or customize it with their own user-defined fields. 

Trusted by thousands of nonprofits for over a decade:

DonorSnap is proud of our loyal customer base that we have been cultivating for over a decade. Our dedication to delivering a sound product at an affordable price has resulted in our long-term success. Customers often rave about our 5-star customer service team, their ability to understand their donors better through our system, and the ability to seamlessly collect online donations.

See How DonorSnap Outperforms the Competition

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Nonprofit CRM
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DonorSnap is easy to use. My favorite feature is the form builder; the forms integrate nicely with our website and are a great solution for event registration forms that import the data directly into the CRM. I’ve used both DonorSnap and Saleforce for registration and hands down DonorSnap is far more reliable, simpler, and offers better customization for our needs vs Salesforce. It’s also far easier to use both as the administrator and as an end user. I’ve never had a DonorSnap form fail me. I can’t say the same for Salesforce. We use DonorSnap for tracking donors, volunteers, and participants in our programs. DonorSnap keeps their software updated and is very good about offering training and notifications of any server maintenance that may disrupt use (it never does

Celeste G.

The First Tee Utah

Details and Terms

DonorSnap’s Referral and Affiliate program have a few rules to prevent spam or abuse. 

  • Referrals made prior to the launch of this program (3/2/2022) are not eligible for a reward
  • Rewards will only accrue if an organization signs up using your unique affiliate link. Rewards cannot be issued if an organization does not use the unique affiliate link. 
  • Cookie duration of affiliate links are 60 days
  • Payouts will be made on a monthly basis 30 days after a user has signed up and become a paying customer
  • There is a $200 minimum reward required for payout
  • Abuse, spam, or attempting to take advantage of the program will not be allowed. We reserve the right to refuse payout for suspicious activity. 
  • Self-referrals are not allowed. Please do not sign up under your own affiliate link. We will take note of this and remove your account.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms at any time
  • We will need to collect a W-9 from you to pay you as an affiliate
  • We can only pay affiliates located in the US and Canada


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